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Harriot country to be sure-wonderful memories from years past-PBS has a new All Creatures Great & Small coming in the new year so we can all live vicariously-Hope it is half as good as the original, but hopefully we can all wander the Dales at our leisure with a single malt in hand…

  • I would love to be there, having afternoon tea with scones, butter, jam and cream. I miss my trips back to Yorkshire, maybe one day. Beautiful like this for 2 weeks a year. The rest of the time its raining, cloudy, dull, windy, snowing, and freezing, and foggy. …but nearly always SPECTACULAR.
  • Reminds of having afternoon tea in my Aunt”s garden in Northern Ireland during the war. I remember the tomato sandwiches and buttered bread with jam. Just to go back to before the cursed covid! The misery it has caused! We were all just fine! Looking forward to each new day…Thankyou for this dream setting!
  • A delight for eyes / soul / heart for many shut at home to be safe ox Just let photo wash over you feel grand ,good tO be Alive ! Thank you for photo / Please more to give delight of my home land for ever ox Good day to All
  • This pic throws out a sense of peace I’m so desperate for. I can hear the birds, feel the slight breeze. Nice cup of tea. A chat with my mum. I would so love this.  So true Sue, my home county is lovely, although l am in Scotland at the moment with youngest daughter and grandson and it’s beautiful here too.

Adrian Heath I’ll tell you now of some that I know and those I miss you will surely par rdon one of my favorite songs because flowers are My joy and if I could remember all the words I would print them out in answer to your post god bless

I watch Escape to the Country on Cox TV. It’s a program that I enjoy immensely. The channel is called DABL. Real Estate agents travel to every area in the UK and Wales with people who are looking to move from the crowded cities to green open spaces. Cottages, thatched roof historical homes, castles and farms are offered for sale. I love this show. If you like the scenery shown above, you will love this program. Cox channel 98

Two meadow barns in view, not exactly unique to Yorkshire but the Dales are where you come if you want to see them in numbers. You are rarely out of sight of one in any of the dales.

Be Kind To Your Mind Flowers Poster

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