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here in Johnston County, we had EC back and kindergarten just opened Monday at full capacity. We already have 23 students positive, 18 staff positive and 153 teachers on quarantine (notice no students are on quarantine). Middle and High start next week on Plan B. This isn’t starting off well
  • and what would you suggest public schools do given their poor, overcrowded classrooms, there mandate to take all students, and their budget that can’t cover what is needed even in a normal year.
  • I don’t know what the solution is… Maybe big, public schools aren’t the way to go anymore? Just thinking here but maybe the private schools have it figured out..  i have one out of my 3 in private school in Wilson County. Hes returning to the classroom next week. I wont send my 2 public school kids back!
  • The public school is 3′ social distancing when possible, mask breaks in the classroom, all meals (breakfast and lunch) in the classroom. The private school is 6′ at all times, mandatory mask, half days allowed so they dont have to eat at school.
  • Schools aren’t looking outside the box!
  • that is very interesting… My husband & I both grew up in the public school system (he’s from Wilson & I’m from New Bern). We’ve always been proponents for public schools for many reasons… BUT we have many several friends with children in private schools (Parrot, Thales, Our Lady of Lourdes) & they have not had any shutdowns. The parents are very happy & so are the kids…

 Thales has had their share of issues…they are 3 days into Track 2 with multiple students currently quarantined. Edited to say – this is in the campus that is closest to me.  that is a great question. One I still don’t feel I have the answers to. What I will say is that I not only emailed my current school board member, but was asked to have a phone conversation with them; which I did.

While I don’t necessarily agree with their vote on that issue, I absolutely learned a lot in that conversation, especially how open and willing my board member was in regards to what I had to say & making connections. Given I voted today, that connection was even more important to me. I encourage everyone to reach out and ask their board member questions.

Baby Yoda Wash hands you do stay at home you must face mask

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