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That’s right and we all know even the evil side can’t match the Trump supporters massive numbers and we don’t have to take this and we won’t!!! This is not how you run an election by stealing it from Americans!!!

  • God be with us and no one can be against us!!!! I am sure AOC cheated too and this is why she’s trying to threaten us but it doesn’t work that way!!!!! All of us President Trump has fought for us the last 4 years. we all have to fight for him now and he needs us more than ever. no one give up this is just the beginning we can not allow them to get away with this!
  • They are the same as Trudeau. push things through before its noticed. Dont let them get ahead and start changing everything you accomplished. They released a plague on the world so they could push they’re mail in voting Trump warned us about voter fraud for months do you not think he prepared for this Al Gore was President elect for 30 days it ain’t over.
  • Trust me when I say Biden will not be in office long, his deteriorating health will not allow it. It is Harris beliefs , attitude, and lack of experience in so many things a president should have , that she does not, that scars me the most. Frankly no one has been called president elect yet!

Let the president do whatever he wants because it’s his constitution right to speak freely and if Biden or anyone tries to silence him well they’ll be doing him a huge favor which is to take them to the highest court. He can sue them for violating his rights but they can’t take him for excerising his rights.

Let him stop this corrupt wannabe administration because he’s a damn genius and nobody has any ideas how intelligent he is and so he’s going to get the last laugh and remain in office. Biden is going to live somewhere else but not 1600 Dred Scott Drive, NW Fact. Rich cox got mad and couldn’t respond to my comment and blocked me.

I’m not a betting man but I’d bet my yearly salary that he knew he didn’t have an answer to my question and couldn’t prove a damn thing he believes simply because it’s all lies and he either knows it or just realized it. it dont matter if hes there aone day. We dont want the baby killing civil war starting democrats to have power until Trump gets the crooked politicians arrested.

Baby Yoda Wash hands you do stay at home you must face mask

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