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I don’t trust tge left look how many times they have tried to bring our president down they will stop at nothing Polosi said he will never be president again her treats go deep she is evil witch of the west

  • That’s exactly right! But I wonder if Harris has any clue how much danger she’s in. She believes once they 25 Biden, she will be President. Pelosi has other ideas though. She is third in line after the VP. I honestly believe Harris will end up clintoncided, Pelosi will become President and will have to appoint Hillary to some BS office. Seems like a bad movie script, but it’s how these self serving dems operate.
  •  I don’t recognize “pedo Joe” as a candidate. But I do recognize that Donald Trump is a self-admitted sexual predator. Political rallies are not votes cast. They are more likely to be COVID-19 superspreader events
  • Trump has been the one that won’t say that there will be a peaceful transition. Here’s the deal, there are enough voters in the right place that he will not only lose the popular vote, but he will lose the electoral vote as well. There will be no contest.
We need approval from our county law enforcement officials to go ahead and deputies QUALIFIED folks like prior military and active military members who are well trained and who have a sound mind and who will refrain from firing unless it’s absolutely necessary.
we can thank the last Republican administration for this never-ending war, for the loss of lives of our American brothers and sisters, for those who have been maimed for life.
Now Trump just wants to pull out after all the work we’ve done and let everything go to hell giving Putin another gift. Funny how the Taliban endorsed Trump, isn’t it?Probably going to get a bunch of people hurt or worse. The vast majority of the citizens in this country are sick of this insurrection and a day of reckoning is coming and it will be ugly.
no worries because Biden is not going to lose. Trump’s losing the midwestern states! All those people that he promised to make money lost money with his tarrif war and small farms filed bankruptcies at record rates!

Baby Yoda Too Close You Are Face Mask

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