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Thank you so much for Helping to pet Annimals.where is her puppies…I hope somebody’s take care of them.likes you…and great job keep it up..May God bless you and your all team workars.

  • She is absolutely gorgeous and thanks for what you are doing for her and that she gets a great forever home and be blessed always Amen, Love it !! Thank you for rescuing her and I’m so happy you found her a living home with loving people to care for her! What a great happy ending
  • We have a mixed mutt but don’t tell her that. She is a Heinz 57. We are pretty sure she’s part blue heeler and part Australian Shepherd but I think she has some pittie in her. We also have two fourteen year old doxie girls and two year old doxie boys. She’s mostly fine around them but our oldest doxie has a lung disease and the mutt mix has attacked her several times. Is there anything we can do besides separate them?
  • I thank you kind people for helping her I would like to know where her puppies are she is a beautiful dog I hope you get a good loving home you have my prayer God bless you, Thank you all for saving her life, Now she has a good home and someone to love her and take care of her . May God bless you all

You know the more I think about our doggies and kitties of the world, sometimes I think they’re closer to God than we are.thank you beautiful lady for caring that much about that beautiful thank you so much for being that Karen thank you baby thank you God bless you very much baby thank you for taking that that’s special to you for that

I know there are a true gifts from him to us because the love they have for us when they love us there is no doubt whatsoever it’s pure love and they come to us like babies just wanting the same love back how precious is that.
Even when evil people treat them so badly and when they’re so scared with a little love they bounce back.
some humans are not even that brave to forgive and move forward.

Baby Yoda and Baby Groot Jeep shirt,tank top, hoodie

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