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Says an Ethiopian who lives in Korea. How many illegal ballots for Biden did you mail? Should we turn you over to authorities for foreign interference in US election? are you kidding me? I work with veterans everyday!! I see the difference in their care and what is available to them. If you are a veteran and are not getting thus good care you should contact your local VA office.

  • Well I suspect they are a activist social warriors. The lack insight into the morality and values of America . They used the new age cultural values and societal values of the dogmatic effete . Attempting to indoctrination our children into. Their perverse identity politics and immoral ideology.What this attitude creates is a deep hate of our country and western culture.
  • If you despise our past you ignore the effort and greatness of America.This viewpoint is the reason educators are proselytizing to the sheep. It’s a old technique. The Marxist used it to promote hate and revolutionary activist. We are seeing the same misrepresentation used today . My experience has made me suspicious of those who use secular values to promote their agenda and as a lever to tip the scales.
  • It’s a perpetual state of self loathing that destroys society and creates anarchies. Every corrupt force in American life that betrayed you and hurt your are supporting Joe Biden: The failed establishment that started the disastrous foreign wars; The career politicians that offshored your industries & decimated your factories.

The open borders lobbyists that killed our fellow citizens with illegal drugs, gangs & crime; The far-left Democrats that ruined our public schools, depleted our inner cities, defunded our police, & demeaned your sacred faith & values; The Anti-American radicals defaming our noble history, heritage & heroes; and ANTIFA, the rioters, looters, Marxists, & left-wing extremists.

THEY ALL SUPPORT JOE BIDEN! Those who participated in the fraud should be arrested and prosecuted… Please President Trump take legal actions and prosecute them… Don’t let corruption and treason win.. People are supporting you… Fight for your voters rights and for America… We are all behind you!!

I live in Delaware and my family went online to see the last time it says they voted and their votes for the Presidency were not there. I’m not sure how long it takes for them to show online but who knows what may have happened to them. Grow a pair Republicans…..do your job! Protect America’s Republic.


Sashay Away Shantay You Stay Doormat

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