As a june guy I have 3 sides Hulk shirt, tank top, hoodie


As a june guy I have 3 sides Hulk shirt, tank top, hoodie


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Lol U should do your research hulk more durable than superman? Bruhh superman survived a big bang and hulk IS not stronger than superman, superman had lifted the book of infinit pages for a good amount of time hulk can reach that strength but it would take days. And if u start saying ohh HuLk cAn GeT StRonGer WhEn hE GeTs Angry well superman can get stronger the more he absorbs the suns power
So superman wins and don’t even tell me his feets Cuzz I already know that the argument on who is stronger will nvr end you can argue both sides hulks strength is unlimited and tied to his anger superman is stronger then hulks initial level of strength. And it may take a while for hulk to become mad enough to match supermans strength…but maybe not so for arugments sake lets say they are equal in strength but it wouldn’t be enough because he is not faster than superman he is not more durable than superman unless red sun or kryptonite is involved so for the most part i agree superman wins all the way around all the time because the hulk will nvr use supes weakness agianst him he will only try to smash and it wont work. They may stalemate fighting here on earth but supes could just fly up to the sun and throw him away like trash.

This guy is just dumb, wat do u mean by hulk is stronger and more durable. No way superman has a lot of abilities than just the strength. World breaker and world war Hulk could but not while Bruce Banner is still alive Talking bout research 🤣.. remember he can’t even take few puches from thanos.. how can he match supes strength and speed..












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