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Brain fart Biden didn’t win, the corrupt democrats cheated for him. He already let it be known in the fall. It wasn’t a fair election and the whole world knows it. unfortunately we have corrupt Republicans and judges or the swamp could never have gotten as deep as it is

  • and Democrats could never have gotten away with as much as they have. facing truth is difficult you are correct and I hope you remember that when you are faced with the truth that Donald Trump is the president for another four years.
  • Deluded Donald’s and Giuliani’s idiocy will go exactly the same way it has in all the other cases, thrown out for presenting no credible evidence of electoral fraud! He brought peace to the middle east ! Maybe you should just mind your business troll if you can’t be thankful ! Biden wants more wars hello!!!
  • I’m sure Trump cares what a foreign bartender thinks. Heck, we don’t even much care for our ex-brookland bartenders-in-congress, and the stupid that comes out of her mouth. Your opinion doesn’t count since, you aren’t a citizen of the USA. And I do remember a historical event called the Revolutionary war that we won by the way. Britain no longer rules over us. So, go back to keeping your own affairs together in the United Kingdom.

You could talk all day and I wouldn’t hear a word you said, nor do I care what you say… On the other hand, my POTUS, the best POTUS of the century, can say one sentence and I believe any and every word he says! President Trump is fighting for me, my fellow Americans, and to keep our great country from becoming like Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, etc. Sounds like YOU should wake up..

Darlene Battles These are alternative forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. Both are acceptable, but learned is often used in both British English and American English, while learnt is much more common in British English than in American English. Your not even an American. You have no say in this. Mind your own business and your Country’s mistakes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Come With Me If You Want To Lift shirt, tank top, hoodie

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