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Fox and Friends showed a woman’s restaurant shut down and across the street a movie company catered food, set up tarps for them to eat under while they were filming.. I can’t help but notice that the democratic-run cities have the highest crime?

  • Has anyone noticed the democrat-run cities have the worst covid-19 numbers? Has anyone noticed the democratic-run cities have the largest homeless population? Has anyone noticed that democratic-run cities have the most illegal drug use?
  •  Has anyone noticed a democratic-run cities have more black people slayed in the streets and innocent babies then anywhere else in the United States?
  • You can minimize or disagree with what I am saying all you want but the fact of the matter is 100% true you’re trying to burn this country down to the ground and you’ve hijacked black lives matter, you’ve hijacked covid-19 and turned it into a fear-mongering sword and shield… and I’ve watched you wish death illness and denial of medical benefits on your fellow man… truly disgusting.

It’s funny how people blame democrats It’s people that don’t put the mask on its people that have big parties and gatherings its people that don’t care about the next person It’s the leadership in the White House that don’t care Stop blaming the democrats. Um about only 15% of people don’t wear mask and those people are mostly the younger non political generation so your data is wrong.

You should stop listening to who ever not telling you the truth .. who are you going to blame for your ignorance when Trump is gone. how many are even wearing them correctly? Or just wearing them long enough to get into the store and taking them down the second they are out of sight of greeters? And how many are just plain lying when asked if they wear a mask?

Lori Fujimoto why would we waste our ventilators on you?? Why??? You freaks are a waste….our survival rate will definitely improve if we didn’t have to save any of you useless people. Well I find it funny no one gets the flu any more cause there’s no money having the flu but big money if it Corona do some research.

Are you asking me to step into Christmas shirt, sweatshirt

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