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Well done to Mind for highlighting this! Unfortunately Mental Health is still such a taboo topic amongst the black community and when faced with inequalities from mental health professionals the problem is intensified. Anything that brings awareness and encourages discussion and deeper understanding of the cultural challenges on this is only a good thing.

  • Well done MIND. Some do not grasp the fact that black lives have and still do, matter less in society. A wrong that needs putting right. In the area of mental health support, that has been the case. Nel Fif If you would have spoken about “equality of opportunity” or rather lack of it, you would have been more on topic. Instead it sounds like a dissing of the cause again.
  • I don’t read that as referring to all white people, I don’t feel attacked by it. If people do then maybe it’s hit a nerve, or makes them feel uncomfortable? I did answer – as in it isn’t describing an entire race of people even though you seem to think it is. If you fit into the white fragility bit, then that’s on you.
  • BLM – end of! Delighted to have supported MIND for a good number of years and delighted to be supporting their BLM campaign too. Well done for taking it up too! The Black Lives Matter campaign has certainly opened my eyes. Prior, I naively thought that we were all treated the same.

Why does such an archaic view still exist in our society? We are all equal, so let’s be treated equally. when systemic racism doesn’t exist anymore and everyone, regardless of colour, has the same rights and opportunities, the BLM stuff will disappear. Join the fight and help speed it up.

that’s great and all but not everyone sees people past the colour of their skin. And this is why it’s being highlighted. Highlighted… not meaning that others don’t matter, like when you highlight a book, the rest of the words are still there. See colour. See heritage. See history. See the person how they want to be seen.

Acknowledging it is the hardest step but most beneficial thing we can do for each other and then we can make the steps towards change where people truly are seen as equal. But for now, we really are a long way off. Its a topic that needs to be talked about still until people stop being judgemental childish dickheads and exclude people because of their sexuality, race or religion.

And into the Sewing Room I go to lose my mind and find my soul poster

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