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we need to please stop fighting each other. This is fight for freedom or communism. Look in your heart and know you live your brother. They want us to fight. Be distracted and steel our country and your children’s BIRTH rights.

  • And our President is not a politician he’s a business man that’s what makes him such a great President because he can sit down and negotiate.
  •  I’m sure thousands of republican and Democrat lawmakers all worked together to magically create OVER SIX MILLION VOTES LMAOOOOOO!!!!  Everyone in every Intel Agency is all in on the conspiracy… CIA, FBI NSA, DOJ, DHS, and every worker working for them must be all in on the conspiracy … it must be true cause Donald sayso right.
  • This is disgusting, we can’t let the democrats steal this election, so much corruption in our government, media, and big tech, trying to drown our freedoms, we must continue to fight, and support our president and the great people in this nation fighting for him, if we don’t, it’s all for nothing,

Biden and his communist cronies will send this great nation in a downward spiral, from which we may never recover… Praying all day long if you want to keep America  great again we do not want to become a communist country We are the land of the free & home of the brave. Yes it is u should lift up the enemies to God as well it’s in the Bible.

wrong He fights for you and all Americans so we keep are Freedom and not go into a communist country and what President has talked to you everyday? None . He has kept us word from Day one. It’s not easy to Dance with the devil and his demon spawns. Lisa Jones that’s right lots of of prayers for This Wonderful President he’s the Best and he ,we as Patriots will stand with him all the way to the end in 2024.

Flag, or better yet go live there you like cheap stuff that breaks the same day u bought it. Our President is not a politician he is a business man that’s what makes him a wonderful President he knows the world he can sit down and negotiate a deal a agreement meeting of the minds.

Alaska Is Calling And I Must Go shirt, tank top, hoodie

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