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This is why I have to vote for omubanda wa Kabaka because you even see beyond. When your music was stopped , these people did not show any interest because they thought that they were safe. Look now you’re putting down your feet on this injustice. You’re a true leader.

  • Not only artists but also we civilians we are being arrested and killed day and night whereby we should come together as one to liberate our country through Robert Kyagulany
  • Government are scared now after realising that when peoples from music industry & comedian join their efforts together for freedom they can shut down this regime just in one day. Therefore I encourage my brothers and sisters to rise up and fight for their rights now
  • History will remain that; MDD played a big role to the growth of Ugandan nationalism. When music was banned, Artists, producers, library shop tenders, Music journalist, DJs, MCs and all music listeners raised to joined Hon Kyagulanyi who was already in the struggle against NRM colonialism. Hence the collapse of Chwezi empire.

How i wish all artists stood with you the time they burned ur music and concerts, this would haven’t happened but they sat comfortably and recklessly saying that’s bobi who entered their politics and they forgot that the juntas came to exploit all Ugandans now it has come and more is coming not until we all rise up and fight for our freedom

Abaana used to pose thinking nti they’re recognized by the first family not knowing nti bigenda kufuuka byana any time! The Ugandan constitution has been completely raped. There is a complete disregard for people’s human rights, rights to express their feelings and rights to protest without the fear of being brutalized and locked up. Keep speaking up for the voiceless. We support you all the way

Mr. president on the other hand they deserve it since 2017 we’ve been fighting for our president’s rights as an artist and these artists have been the same people laughing at us  even the ones who were part of the struggle betrayed us and joined the oppressors so since our president’s rights were already denied to him let them also test and make a final decision on what to do next

And thats my president…. At first they thought it was only u but now it is the whole industry… They shd either wake up now or never.,

Once upon a time there was a woman who loved books and wine vintage poster

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