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I have admired this man’s music since he was 13 on Ed Sullivan. I finally got to see him in Charlotte North Carolina one year and was very disappointed I appreciate his politics in humanity but I really wanted to hear the songs that were the soundtrack of my life and he only did one.
  • Stevie you are a wonderful, generous and loving person. Your care and thoughts out class so many of us. Your words and feelings are so emotional. You are a music legend. Keep doing what you are doing. Love you. God bless.
  • Stevie, much honor and respect to you, it is indeed to say, “well done” with your words that always put an inspiration, one day i will do a tribute to you. Very moving but I wish that the subtitles were correct, lots of missing words and incorrect words FATE is what Stevie is saying not faith. Peace and love.
  • I was told that you have been living with Epilepsy is that true if so big from me for I have been living with with 3 different types of uncontrolled seizures myself and I know that it is not a fun day when it is a bad day a dream for me would be to meet you in person.
  • I love you stevie … it’s such a tough world .. some of us are trying really hard but more joining together is what we need .. I’m praying for you guys in the states as the world spirals out let’s bring love and and action together … thanks fir the beautiful music I have grown up to and we are all still growing
  • Stevie you so much loved. Not only for your music and great talent, but also for your wisdom. May the Great Spirit guide you with His sacred Light and bring healing to your body. Amen! Love it, love it, love it. Your words are the true definition of life, living, and our current day. I too am ready for us all to be the same as it is long overdue!  Thank you Mr. Wonder!
You give such a big gift to all of us with your music. For me the universe speaks through you with lovely tunes make us FEEL how much it is worth to be alive. Counts also for all the other great musical genuises in our beautiful planet

42 The Answer to Life The Universe and Everything vintage shirt,tank top, hoodie

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