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We should have to update our voter registration every year. That would eliminate dead voters and ensure people are registered in the state they live in. There laughing at us because there was no fraud trumps lawyers are having cases thrown out and Trump knows he lost but Will not concede that’s what there laughing about !!!!!!

  • All of you saying “dead people don’t vote” live under an ignorant rock. Obviously there is evidence and has happened or people wouldn’t be saying it. If there is no fraud then why is MSM and democrats avoiding the issue? Shouldn’t they be supporting an investigation to show support for fair elections?
  • Especially since the 2016 election had all kinds of interference. And now democrats are telling everyone to accept this election as is? I don’t think so. So many House seats have flipped red but somehow Trump with 72 million votes, 10 million more than last year, lost? Tucker had a show a few nights ago with a whole list of dead people that voted this election.
  • Thousands of votes were only checked for the president and 99% were for Biden. That isn’t suspicious? Ok go back to your rock, sit down and shut up if you’re so sure there was no fraud. There are so many comedians in here! Please before you want america to fall to socialism go to the other socialist countries before trying to ruin ours!

Quit wanting free handouts and work hard for what you have! Anyone who follows biden need to seriously consider who and what you are voting for! that is simply not true. Some Democrats are having to acknowledge the fraud because it is so obvious, but they dismiss it by saying it’s not enough to overturn the election.

That is yet to be determined, but to say nothing fraudulent occurred is just ignorant. Nope, I do not shut up. Trump is a disaster and a security risk on a global scale. He needs to be removed. And now when he finally is out, the world leaders are welcoming Biden with warm hands. The world takes a deep sigh of relief when the madman and dictator-wannabe is gone.

A global victory! A victory for democracy! We stand by you President Trump! They wanted to turn us into Cuba and Venezuela, but by the Grace of God, the American people have you! Thank you for everything you have done for us. We are praying for you non stop. Keep fighting the good fight up there, and we will keep fighting for you here!


2020 Stink Stank Stunk Grinch Christmas Ornaments

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