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No one can do better than he has under the duress that the left has caused him. For four years we have watched a man make his way and lead the world through a field of land mines all the while the Socialist media and the Washington establishment are out in front, like wolves in a pack, bloodthirsty, scheming to waylay and tear at his jugular.

  • The media, and the liberal Democrats could not carry the diabolical hatred for a full five years only because “his personality offends them”. People do not behave as the Democrats have without showing that they are scared to death that more corruption and sick behavior will manifest itself and more of the swamp will be exposed.
  • Radu, You most likely live in a Socialist country or even maybe, a Communist. Radu, so it may not shock you to read or hear that some news media are “calling for retribution against the people who have voted for our President, there has been an undercurrent for the last four years of accusations against the Republicans for “Nazi behavior” most left-wing Professors in our School System have indoctrinated our children with hateful progressive propaganda.

When the Americans read or listen to people calling for retribution and speaking of retention camps even, talking and writing of “lining up people against a wall and shooting them, “only because they voted differently than they?” then “we know who is most like the Nazis”. Radu, worry about your country, we may have to and we will take care of America,

Please ignore Radu Tudor he is a sad sexually frustrated prick, paid by the corrupt government from my country to spread false information! A bloody communist !!! He should be locked in a psychiatric ward ASAP.

I don’t care which liberal news channel he works for. He needs to just do his job he’s being paid for and wait until we find out who really won our election. IT’S BIDEN WHO CONSPIRED WITH RUSSIA, CHINA and UKRAINE, CNN and other mainstream media is misleading the people around the globe, it’s the Democrats here who are traitors, they are conspiring with China, Trump loves America and the American people!

20 Grand Slam Rafael Nadal shirt,hoodie, long sleeve

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