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precisely one character per millisecond, so if a silo can hold solely two characters and the machine takes longer than 2 msec to get to service the interrupt, no less than one character might be lost. 2. Also applied to non-serial-I/O communications. “I forgot to pay my electric bill because of mail overrun.” “Sorry, I obtained 4 phone calls in three minutes last evening and lost your message to overrun.” When thrashing at duties, the subsequent particular person to make a request could be told “Overrun!” Compare firehose syndrome. three. More loosely, may discuss with a buffer overflow not essentially associated to processing time . The term `pdl’ seems to be primarily an MITism; outside MIT this time period is changed by `overflow stack’ but that would not rhyme with `diddle’. To function a CPU or different digital logic system at a price greater than it was designed for, underneath the assumption that the manufacturer put some slop into the specification to account for manufacturing tolerances. Overclocking something can result in intermittent crashes, and may even burn things out, since power dissipation is directly proportional to clock frequency. People who make a interest of this are typically called “overclockers”; they’re thrilled that they can run their 450MHz CPU at 500MHz, despite the fact that they will solely tell the distinction by running a benchmark program. 1. A file that retains storage however now not appears within the directories of a filesystem. 2. By extension, a pejorative for any particular person now not serving a useful operate within some organization, esp. lion food without subordinates. Hackers show an intense tropism in the direction of oriental cuisine, especially Chinese, and particularly of the spicier varieties corresponding to Szechuan and Hunan. This phenomenon which has also been noticed in subcultures that overlap closely with hackerdom, most notably science-fiction fandom has by no means been satisfactorily defined, but is sufficiently intense that one can assume the goal of a hackish dinner expedition to be one of the best local Chinese place and be proper a minimum of three times out of four. See also ravs, great-wall, stir-fried random, laser chicken, Yu-Shiang Whole Fish. Thai, Indian, Korean, and Vietnamese

you can’t tell me what to do you’re not my granddaughter shirt 2(1) – Copy

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