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a Hollywood blockbuster, you need to leave a conflict in every scene. as the computer scientists do. There’s a lot of lessons learned by other disciplines that we’re not using. And they’ve basically been in a mirror situation. So we should be using this knowledge. So I don’t have an answer, but I think that there’s more to learn. Yeah, exactly. So instead of trying to find people who simply list on their CV that they care about AI ethics or AI fairness, The hottest wine is my valentine all over print face mask  you should find who will to disagree with you. If you’re able to beat points to disagree with, it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with their viewpoint. Yeah. I think there’s a lot of stuff that people don’t say because it’s either not in the zeitgeist, or it’s weird, or seems an attack on a lot of researchers. Okay. And then you argue that more discussion on the future of AI ethics and the role of industry in this space is needed. Can’t argue with that. That computer science should explore how to actively court antagonistic thinkers. Yeah. Basically I want them to critically consider the risks associated with accepting such funding. I don’t think that it’s a consideration that most people are taking seriously. And if they are forced to publicly establish a position, they’ll have to defend it. And that will I believe lead to better results. That said, there’s a lot of steps that can be done when it comes to regulation. Slightly unrelated, but kind of not unrelated is fixing the tax code in the U.S. and Canada and around the world. A large reason of why a lot of computer science faculty and computer scientists in general look to industry for funding is because governments have been cutting or at least not increasing with the rates of research being done in fields the amount of money available for research funding. And why do they not have as much money? This is probably in part because these companies are not paying their fair share when it comes to paying their taxes, which is how a lot of researchers get their funding. That’s one way of doing it. If you want to go into specifics, it’s more difficult and much

wine is my valentine all over print face mask
wine is my valentine all over print face mask 1

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