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evidence . I can send you masses of evidence – literally hundreds of studies – to support John’s statement and he has mentioned the very basic rule that getting our food from a lower trophic level is far more efficient than high up on the food chain. You are talking about vegetarians, who eat lots of cheese. You write about the need to address “the fundamental problems of feeding the nation”. I’d go further and be concerned about the need of feeding all of humanity, as well as all the other The hottest weed leaf full printing low top shoes species we have the privilege of sharing this planet with. Study after study has shown that to do that, we need to shift as much and as fast as possible towards plant-based diets. Your sources are all over the place – on the previous thread you have highlighted the issue of population growth, following it up with the author of ‘How Not To Die’ . Aside from the fact that you cannot cheat death , neither is it desirable. Fortunately we can get enough protein in the modern world, largely due to intensive farming and fossil fuels. I don’t believe that is sustainable in the long term, though. A 10% increase in animal protein intake was linked to a 2% increase in overall mortality and 8% increase in risk of cardiovascular-related death, whereas a 3% increase in plant protein intake was linked to a 10% decrease in overall mortality and a 12% decrease in cardiovascular mortality. Proteins are made up of amino acids in specific proportions. If you have lots of one amino acid but less of another the one you have less of is said to be limiting protein synthesis because proteins cannot be built in it’s absense, no matter how many of the others you have. Some AAs are

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