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doctors, myself included, to use “test and replace” strategies to solve our patients’ health problems. When we feel something is off, we immediately order a lab and then prescribe vitamins, minerals, and medications to correct any number that lies outside the norm. Our tendency is to think of the human body as a test tube and add things into this complicated system with the belief that the pill or potion will find its proper home. You can’t change the world by yourself. Even a great leader like Mark can’t reach out to more than a fraction of the The hottest vintage sunflower canvas full printing low top shoespopulation. You do the best you can. Besides, it takes a certain amount of sick narcissism to believe you were put here on this earth to save all of us from ourselves. That kind of psychosis only qualifies you to join the incompetents in high government offices. For the rest of us, we can aspire to be as informative as Mark. And that’s a really great thing to aspire to. So as long as we have dimwitted incompetents running the show, there is no need to worry about feeding the world on a Primal Blueprint. The keystone politicos will spend their days till the end of days figuring out how to fix the food problem with more of the same, when the actual fix is to leave the market alone so that consumer preferences can be matched with supply. On the other hand, if you’re trying to argue along the lines of “they won’t do it anyway” – this is a cop-out. It’s like saying “yeah, I drive an SUV, but there’s no way we’ll ever get to the point where everyone does.” EVERYTHING is sustainable as long as a small minority

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