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Mansour Hadi was nominated because the consensus candidate for interim president and a unity government was formed. The implementation mechanism of the agreement additionally included measures on transitional justice security-sector reform and a nationwide dialogue aimed toward deciding the construction of the state and paci¬fying intrastate conflicts. The root causes of at present’s battle are an influence wrestle throughout the political elite in Sana’a which has descended into violence since ; and con¬flicts between that elite and the Houthis in northern Yemen in addition to the independence movement in southern Yemen the Southern Movement also called al-Hirak. In March the Gulf Cooperation Council centered on the conflict amongst the elite in Sana’a neglecting conflicts on the nation’s pe¬riph¬ery. The GCC Initiative merely provided for the deposition of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in exc-hange for his immunity and power-sharing between authorities and opposition events. At the time the opposition events took the form of an alliance headed by the Islah Party. The latter consists mainly of groups that were near the regime – including the Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood Salafists northern Yemeni tribes and conservative businessmen. The UN particular envoy to Yemen the EU and the US backed the negotiations. In November the federal government and opposition events signed the agreement and an implementation mechanism for a two-year-long tran¬sition process. That the negotiating parties reached settlement over the Gulf Initiative is a UN mediation success. However the civil war that it was meant to forestall was merely delayed by the deal. By the time the tran¬sitional authorities was overthrown by Ansarallah in January 5 the Agreement had obviously failed. The UN special envoy’s attempts to persuade Ansarallah to return to the po¬liti¬cal course of were unproductive. Third the disparate positions within the Security Council significantly between Russia and the West prevented effective coercive meas¬ures – similar to UN sanctions an arms embargo the imposition of a no-fly zone or the deployment of UN observers or even a peacekeeping pressure – that would have put

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