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contacted the education officer in charge of Open University functions on my behalf which resulted in me being accepted on to their Foundation course in social sciences. Category prisoners are subject to approval, given ROTL to work in the communityor to go on ‘home leave’ once they’ve passed their FLED , which is normally a quarter of the best way through the sentence. Category prisoners are those who can’t be trusted in open circumstances but who are unlikely to attempt to escape. Category prisoners are those whose escape could be extremely harmful to the public or national safety. An Autoethnography in regards to the experiences of life sentence prisoners, self-id, masculinity, education and desistance. First has to be my lecturing employees at De Montfort and their continuing help for our society and the eagerness they show for the topic when instructing, I hope I can only however make you proud and stay up to your ever-rising high requirements. Secondly would be the group of lecturers who have shown such dedication and curiosity in this project and helped push me to my limits on becoming a better tutorial and researcher, thanks to, Alicia Crowther, Joseph Payne, Deborah Jones, Lynsey Black, Victoria Silverwood, Nathan Kerrigan and Linn Pitts, to name but a number of. Lastly, the committee members from all societies that are concerned on the productions of the journal, and the help and willingness they’ve shown to work together, no matter our institutions, teamwork at its greatest. I wish to take this level to thank a couple of people who without their assist recommendation and encouragement this is able to not have been possible. Their continued support throughout this endeavour has seen my interest and keenness increase, and helped when i thought this would not get off the ground. So why then ought to students feel compelled to put in writing for a journal that’s run by students and never an organisation? Well, we’re still peer reviewed by instructing academics, and different teachers up and down the U.K., this helps with getting wider participation of crucial analysis of your work, and the feedback that you simply get will hopefully permit the you to look at your work another way and also turn out to be more important of the work you produce. Many lecturers attempt to assist teach you to turn into extra critical of what you read, and the way you produce good important work, except for lecturers see; Newburn, 2013, Bryman, 2012, Cottrell, 2008. As Sandra Wlaklate 2011, p. 200 mentions, “30 years ago in the United Kingdom there were no undergraduate programs in criminology, though publish-graduate training was out there.”, which is why now, 32 years later, it appears only fitting to take one other leap. A good question to ask. All teachers have to start out somewhere, so why not have a base on which to start out, somewhat than waiting for others to ‘potentially’ cross in your work for submission in the event that they feel it’s good enough or simply having to produce

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