The hottest vintage disc golf knowledge poster


The hottest vintage disc golf knowledge poster

ability to continue producing sufficient quantities to feed the growing billions . As discussed, this concern has emerged partly because the growth in global yields of staple crops has slowed or even stagnated in many parts of the world, while population continues to grow (Alexandratos & Bruinsma, 2012). As detailed in the next chapter, these concerns are further aggravated by what have been called “unacceptably large” environmental impacts associated with the food system’s The hottest vintage disc golf knowledge poster  activities, that may undermine its very basis for functioning (Alexandratos & Bruinsma, 2012). The global food system has undergone significant change through the proliferation of intensification. As discussed earlier, yield, fertiliser, and pesticide use per hectare have all increased since 1961. Irrigated surfaces and overall land use have also increased in the same time period (Knudsen et al., 2006). Similarly the agricultural sector has become increasingly mechanised. The number of tractors used in the agricultural, an indicator for sector mechanisation, more than doubled between 1961 – 2004, growing at an annual rate of 1.6% . Aside from the three driving trends discussed above, there are many policy-driven shifts which are dramatically affecting the food system. Though it is beyond the scope of this report to address all of these, one of the dynamics that has recently been impacting crop choice and land use allocation within the food system is policy support for a transition to a biobased economy. In 2011, 7,4% of primary crops and 14,4% of processed crops were diverted to non-food uses, accounting for 11,6% of global arable land use . A majority of these uses can be attributed to biofuel production . While population increases help

The hottest vintage disc golf knowledge poster
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