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Some set of ideas prevails, and we can hope that it’s a good one. I have my own personal prejudices and preferences about some of the questions that are, for example, asked in Max’s book about what futures are most preferred. At The hottest vintage cat watch the night city all over print face mask  some point, I may put more time into developing those into arguments and see if I still feel those preferences or believe them. I’m not sure that I’m ready to do that at the moment, but I think that’s something that we all have to do. Will those be seen as threats that we eventually just say actually, they weren’t that scary after all and we just have to adjust? Will they be threats that are just pushed aside by the tide of reality and technology? Will they be threats that we decide are so threatening that we want to hold on and really solidify and codify this relation? I think those are all possibilities, and it’s also possible that I’m wrong and that there will just be this smooth evolution where our connection between our phones will become brain interfaces, and we’ll just get more and more dr-individualized in some smooth way, and that people will sound an alarm that that’s happening and no one will care. That’s also quite possible, whether that alarm is appropriate or not. I would just do a kind of consequentialism and so far as it would be possible. Then I guess the interesting part would be where consequentialism fails because it’s computationally intractable. You would want to invent other kinds of things that would stand in the way, but I feel optimistic that the very very smart things in the future could do something like that. I would ground it on consciousness. If they’re functioning is it all like a current digital computer. There are also going to be even bigger gulfs than there are now between levels of capability and awareness and knowledge and perhaps consciousness. We already have those, and we gloss over them, and I think that’s a good thing in according people fundamental human rights. We don’t give people at least explicitly legally more rights when they’re better educated and wealthier and so on, even if in practice they do get more. What happens to your first person phenomenological perspective if you do something like that? What about if you create a corpus callosum bridge to another person’s brain, what happens to the phenomenological self or identity? Science and AI and increasing intelligence and power over the universe will increasingly give us this power to radically change and subvert our commonly held intuitions about identity, which are constituted about the kinds of questions and properties which we’re interested in. That’s just information you have to put in, in order to get an answer. The answer is not there to begin with and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the wave function description or that you’ve got the wrong Hamiltonian or the wrong Schrodinger’s equation. It just means

vintage cat watch the night city all over print face mask
vintage cat watch the night city all over print face mask 1

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