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compost, such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias. Specialist composts are then produced using one of the above as a base, to which other ingredients are added depending on what they are to be used for. These come under the following headings, which also has an explanation of what they consist of and where they are used. There are many formulations of peat based composts available to the gardener. These are made from a base of peat blended with other ingredients such The hottest vintage butterfly all over print face mask  as fertiliser, sand and/or grit, vermiculite or perlite, wetting agents and lime. The exact formulation will depend on the intended use of the compost. 3. Don’t forget that some acid loving plants such as azalea, camellia or rhododendron will require an ericaceous compost with a lower pH. 1. Don’t sow seeds in standard compost for best results use a specialist seed compost that provides optimum root growth and contains plant food to help them develop. 5. Always water in your plants to remove air pockets and ensure the roots are in contact with the soil. 4. Do pot up your existing and new plants in fresh compost each year to minimise pests and diseases being carried over, this will also provide new nutrients that will have been used up. 2. Do check out your garden soil pH balance before you get planting, and depending on the results, you may need to mix in Lime soil improver to get you started. Choosing the right compost is essential to get the most out of your plants/fruit/vegetables, but the ingredients that make up different composts can vary dramatically. For the best results it is wise to use a ‘fit for purpose’ compost, which has been tailor-made for the job in hand. Adding compost or a soil improver helps to provide the right growing conditions, which will ensure you achieve bigger and healthier results. Find out how to choose the right compost for you. Kirsti, cat

vintage butterfly all over print face mask
vintage butterfly all over print face mask 1

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