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there is an active monsoon condition, it will get extremely heavy rainfall,” he said. for example, would necessitate more miners, additional manufacturers of obsidian tools, and additional traders to carry the goods to new markets. All this led to increased wealth, which in turn would attract more immigrants to Teotihuacán. The growing power of the elite, who controlled the economy, would give them the means to physically coerce people to move to Teotihuacán and serve as additions to the labor force. More irrigation works would have to be built to feed the growing population, and this resulted in more power and wealth for the elite. D. The ancient oceans that formed on Mars dried up during periods of cold, dry weather. C. Liquid water may have existed on some parts of Mars’ surface The hottest viking sons of wolf all over printed shirtfor long periods of time. B. The climate of Mars may not have been suitable for the formation of large bodies of water. A. Ancient oceans on Mars contained only small amounts of carbon. A. If ancient oceans ever existed on Mars’ surface, it is likely that the water in them has evaporated by now. of ancient oceans, the extent of the outflow channels suggests that a huge total volume of water existed on Mars in the past. Where did all the water go? The answer may be that virtually all the water on Mars is now locked in the permafrost layer under the surface, with more contained in the planet’s polar caps. 4. These ideas remain controversial. Proponents point to features such as the terraced “beaches” shown in one image, which could

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