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All it takes is one program such as this to totally undermine what the industry has work for to ensure safe food for everyone. My advise to everyone is, if you don’t know where it came from, meat or vegetable just cook it and you will be fine. NO KIDDING! This is just what I was thinking. Thank goodness we aren’t eating this garbage. Thank you, The hottest viking skull all over printed shirtno. Eating a corpse does not appeal, infected with toxic avenger style bacteria or not. So while we did our best to find out the amount of antimicrobials used in livestock in Canada, we were only able to find out the figure for all animals, including pets. Yup, 1.6 million kilograms of antibiotics distributed for use by animals. Health Canada told us there were no quotas for antimicrobial use in animals, and furthermore that there was no requirement for industry to report how much is being used. Slow Food USA has over 200 local chapters spread across the country where members come together to take part in food-related events. Some of these are both fun and educational, such as festivals that celebrate local food. Some are purely educational, such as lectures on the problems of factory farming or classes that teach gardening skills to students. And others are political, such as lobbying for laws to promote sustainable farming. Cooking and eating Slow Food in your own home is a great experience all on its own. However, if you really want to

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