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unimaginable to do it, however I guarantee you we’re less likely to fall or crash if we now have each wheels on the bike. So to fix adaptation, we need to implement each the management of climate danger and the management of change simultaneously. Not an easy task, however value it. As Yky expresses in his final comment, this has been a really rich and attention-grabbing debate. I am glad to see that now most individuals imagine in adaptation being our best alternative. By reading the remarks from Deborah and Silja and the feedback of all participants I still consider that nobody is definitely arguing towards the need for adaptation and we’ve focused on wanting on the power relations, the politics and epistemological debates behind adaptation. Deborah’s corpus of work, and the progressive cadre of reflexive practitioners that she works with, gives me a profound sense of hope that we’ve people living the sort of method that, as Dr Klepp notes, should be attentive to the “energy relations that lie behind technical solutions and policy.” The discursive, technical, and political battle that is being fought within adaptation spaces is increasingly a public one about what energy relations need to defend or build. For those watching right here, I think the call to action for us all is to continue to wade into adaptation debates and co-create frameworks and paradigms that serve us, but also, crucially, to supply, clear pragmatic options that tackle historic inequities and provide materials benefits to marginalized communities. The semantic debate right here has profound real-world penalties, and Deborah’s work has laid out convincing case research for how a progress-minded, justice-cemented local weather adaptation praxis can lead us the place we need to go. After such a wealthy debate, throughout which so many arguments have been discussed, what else might we add? Is there any problem we’ve missed or simplified? And if we did, wouldn’t it really be in favor of adaptation? Let me attempt to add another thought. I was struck by one comment posted by Steffen on determinism arguing that a participatory course of can only be “framed” by a long time of practices, thereof pre-defining the problems and priorities, avoiding the flexibility to think past sole environmental questions, emphasizing so the political deadlocks Gonzalo was referring to. If a social determinism can’t be contested, the question stays nonetheless why its consciousness has not created during the past decades the suitable circumstances to reverse the development, generating a new method that could “save adaptation” . Seen from the viewpoint of a non-expert citizen, I can only agree with the closing comment of Silja, referring to the position of science and scientists. I marvel if the linear thinking which is rooted in our society has not also influenced the scientific world in the way local weather change is currently addressed unsure I will make many friends with this submit…. Deadlocks are a lot in all probability initiated by those that

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