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For example, famous laptop architect C. Gordon Bell designer of the PDP-11 is alleged, with some awe, to assume at about 100 mL however solely talk at about 300; he is incessantly decreased to fragments of sentences as his mouth tries to maintain up together with his dashing brain. Variants combine Microshift, Macroshaft, Microsuck with Windoze, WinDOS. Hackerism for `Microsoft Windows’. A thirty-two bit extension and graphical shell to a sixteen-bit patch to an eight-bit operating system originally coded for a four-bit microprocessor which was written by a two-bit firm that can’t stand one little bit of competitors. Also simply known as `Windoze’, with the implication that you could go to sleep ready for it to do something; the latter term is extraordinarily common on Usenet. See Black Screen of Death and Blue Screen of Death; compare X, solar-stools. [popularized, though not originated, by Douglas Coupland’s guide “Microserfs”] A programmer at Microsoft, especially a low-stage coder with little chance of fame or fortune. Compare MicroDroid. three.5-inch floppies, versus 5.5-inch vanilla or mini-floppies and the now-out of date 8-inch variety. This time period could also be headed for obsolescence as 5.5-inchers pass out of use, solely to be revived if anybody floats a sub-3-inch floppy standard. See stiffy, minifloppies. North American equivalent of a noddy program. Doesn’t necessarily have the belittling connotations of mainstream slang “Oh, that is simply mickey mouse stuff!”; typically trivial packages could be very useful. Some jargon phrases are additionally used as metasyntactic names; barfand mumble, for instance. See also Commonwealth Hackishfor dialogue of numerous metasyntactic variables found in Great Britain and the Commonwealth. The high bit of an 8-bit character, which is on in character values . Also referred to as high bit, alt bit, or hobbit. Some terminals and consoles see house-cadet keyboard have a META shift key. Others together with, mirabile dictu, keyboards on IBM PC-class machines have an ALT key. See additionally bucky bits. Writing via a pointer that doesn’t level to what you assume it does. This often reduces your reminiscence to a rubble of bits. Note that that is subtly different from related phrases such as a reminiscence leak or fandango on core because it would not imply an allocation error or overrun situation. An error in a program’s dynamic-retailer allocation logic that causes it to fail to

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