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erratic. I additionally started writing for magazines from my prison cell. Little did I anticipate that sixteen years later, I would write and publish my autobiography, Never Ending Circles. I honed my craft from the jail environment. Writing enabled me to report what I learned from my fellow inmates and my private experiences of incarceration, but I was also able to use pen and paper to flee my environment. Writing turned my way of psychological survival and therapeutic and a method of documenting my experiences by way of letters and diaries. It had a therapeutic impact on me by offering a channel to precise my innermost thoughts on paper whereby I could offload my feelings within my own private world. It also led me right into a darkish place where human suffering and homicide had taken place that most individuals solely ever get to hear and see about on crime documentaries and movies and read about in newspapers, magazines and books. Prison reform through the past two centuries has obtained a lot criticism and has been the focus of many emerging criminologists and sociologists. The classical concept is predicated on the theories of Cesare Beccaria, an Italian jurist, and Jeremy Bentham, an English thinker and jurist. The classicist model focusses on the proportionality of the punishment in relation to the crime committed. This was highlighted by Beccaria in his seminal work ‘On Crime and Punishments’, Tomasic and Dobinson commented on Beccaria’s rules outlined in his essays, he had maintained “that crimes shouldn’t be dedicated, saw punishment not only as a way of stopping additional crime but also as proportional to the diploma to which the crime violated the sanctity of property, personal well-being and the welfare of the state”. Therefore the method adopted by Howard, Beccaria and Bentham focus upon institutionalisation as being a needed and effective type of establishing social order. The new and revolutionary ideas of philosophers through the Enlightenment started to alter many authorized principles. Both legal doctrines and procedural measures had been developed. Firstly, punishment ought to have a deterring not retributive operate. Secondly, punishment should be proportionate the crime committed and be promptly administrated. Thirdly, the felony proceedings must be aired in a public open forum. Lastly, the certainty of punishment and never the severity of the punishment was and nonetheless is fundamental to the reasoning behind authorized principles, not only does it act as a preventative measure it permits the courts to operate effectively as a result of preceding cases. However, the high fee of reoffending would appear to counsel that the newly developed system of deterrence quite than retribution is not profitable, if it were then the speed of reoffending would have fallen and thereby reducing the overall crime statistics in the UK. With the benefit of hindsight it would seem that the approaches taken by each

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