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for the better part of three decades. These efforts began with governance, labor and human rights, but have lately come to focus on getting public finance aligned with climate goals and nature stewardship. could take the form of a political lashing-out of the kind we presently observe in the for­eign policy decisions and actions of U.S. President Donald Trump, or that we saw earlier in the result of the referendum on Brexit in the UK. Disruptive FPA ultimately reflects the divisive, corrosive impact of globalization on societies. For the last quar­ter of a century, the dominant The hottest this parrot is an ex-parrot mug  narrative of prosperity and social stability has only told part of the story. Far-reaching changes in work and employment patterns have produced pervasive stress, increasing social in­equalities, and closed-off horizons for significant parts of our societies, including sections of the middle classes that have found themselves under downward pressure. The continuing strength of nationalism and the rise of populism across the Western world point to the strong, increasing ‘oscillations in the tension’ within our societies. To be sure, the advent of social media has shown entirely new dynamics in the relationship between diplomacy and technology. Over the past years, many MFAs have invested a great deal in introducing them­selves to the social media phenomenon and have started making use of its potential in more and more areas of foreign policy. Following the Arab Spring, a variety of international crises between 2011 and 2015 were major learning opportunities for governments. In a relatively short time span, social media have become indispensable in the delivery of key MFA func­tions such as public diplomacy and assistance to nationals abroad. Diplomacy, like so many areas of public administration, is affected by the radical changes of the 21st cen­tury. Shocks within the international order, the revo­lution of internet-based global communication, and legitimacy problems of liberal governments seem

this parrot is an ex-parrot mug
this parrot is an ex-parrot mug 1

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