the elephant in my bed full over print quilt


The hottest the elephant in my bed full over print quilt

of our unwritten but real contract with Nature, who spent more than four billion years creating the world we humans were born into. It is allowed to live off the interest of Earth’s solar budget and to partake of Nature’s emergent abundance. It is not permitted to live off the principal; that constitutes mining, as is theft. Because it works—now that counts for something in my books. I think a lot of us are beginning to recognize that our way of living seemed to work for awhile, and now is failing to work—and has no prospect whatever of working into the distant, or even the near to middle, future. Can it be that the people of our culture have mistaken the nature of the Universe so badly that we have failed utterly in our spiritual obligations? I think that is what Prechtel The hottest the elephant in my bed full over print quilt  believes. David — If I understand your last post, you are pretty much on the same page with Einstein when he announced that he did not think God played dice with the universe. Of course the overwhelming majority of scientists and cosmologists now believe that Einstein’s rejection of quantum theory and the uncertainty principle was mistaken. No matter, I am not saying you or Einstein were wrong in any definitive sense. But to prove your contention will require a lot of work at this point. John Dewey wrote a book way back when titled The Quest for Certainty. This has been one of humankind’s concerns for a long time. However, the further our knowledge quest takes us the more it becomes as Alice said curiouser and curiouser. Gary, Ron — Vive la difference mes amis! I too was an outsider from kindergarten days. What set me apart was my intense curiosity, which led me to delve into everything. And I was not satisfied with superficial answers. I sensed there was a deeper story beneath every appearance, and I wanted in on it. Initially I haunted the library and book stores and became a great reader, spending hours every day in my books. My older brother was a fan of the first Science fiction magazines

the elephant in my bed full over print quilt
the elephant in my bed full over print quilt 1

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