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addressed to ensure relative equality in the international market and to make the program viable. In addition, the listing of species on CITES is difficult because of a lack of adequate information on traded timber species. Few know how many individuals of a particular species exist in the wild and how that species is affected by trade. Furthermore, trade of particular species is poorly tracked and many harvested species are difficult to distinguish from one another. Restricting or banning the import of certain tropical woods that cannot reasonably be harvested without considerable damage to the rainforest—like mahogany, ceiba, and ebony—is a highly controversial issue. Usually the restriction of trade in certain species is established by listing the species on CITES but this sometimes has the effect of driving up prices for banned wood, making harvesting even more profitable. In , wheat grew on 88,700 square miles of land around the world. With an average of 2 million stalks per hectare, the total number of individuals exceeds 44 trillion individuals. Clearly wheat is not an endangered species, but because of selective breeding toward genetic uniformity, wheat has lost most of its populations and hence its genetic variability. What is the recourse if a disease breaks out in this gargantuan monoculture? Most likely scientists will scour the few wild places left on Earth for the remaining wild strains of wheat in hopes of finding genetic traits that will offer resistance to the pest. What is needed is experimentation with other plants, especially those that would be better situated to cultivation in the tropics. For example, the Buruti palm of the Amazon produces a vitamin-rich fruit with a bread-like pith, while two plants from West Africa produce compounds thousands of times sweeter than sucrose and could be used as natural sweeteners. Many forest dwellers instead focus on perennials—crops which continue to produce for a number of years like citrus, manioc, vanilla, banana, mango, pepper, cacao, coffee, and rubber—as the basis of their agricultural techniques. Instead of continually clearing new sections of forest, these cultivators plant perennials or a mixture of perennials and annuals on their patch of land. Perennials can help restore nutrients to degraded soils, and they remain productive for decades, bringing a steady stream of cash to needy farmers. Support companies that operate in ways that minimize damage to the environment. Encourage people to live in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment. Restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down. It is not known how well wildlife can acclimate to constant noise, for example, along a roadside, and acclimation no doubt varies among organisms. Furthermore, breeding activities of species, such as birds and amphibians that rely on vocalization, may be particularly susceptible to disruption by noisy conditions. Existing noise barriers in suburban settings are designed to protect humans

pink floyd legend band full printing hawaiian shirt 600x400 1
pink floyd legend band full printing hawaiian shirt 600×400 1

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