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The consultant will help the community members formulate appropriate designs for the Phase 1 aspect of an overall water quality improvement project. This small rural community north of Fryburg, PA has a serious problem with the quality of their drinking water. The community is dependent on private wells and springs that are being contaminated by failed septic systems. The Women’s Health & Environmental Network and partner New Courtland Network will develop and implement a program that will provide education and training to adult seniors focusing on the environmental and public health impacts of climate change and mitigation techniques each participant can take to lessen the effects of climate change. The Clean Air Council to develop air quality assessment for Port Richmond community. The Clean Air Council and its partners will develop a neighborhood air quality assessment in the Port Richmond community in Philadelphia. The goal of the assessment is to promote a healthier environment and improved public health. The assessment will be used to advocate for improved emission controls at area ports, to promote changes in policy, to have input into Philadelphia’s comprehensive plan and zoning code revision efforts and to provide a model for participatory health assessments. The project will empower farmers to adapt to environmental conditions through sustainable agricultural methods including building soil and enhancing biodiversity on their farms. By bringing farmers, extension educators, researchers, and private and land grant universities together to learn and share with one another, the project will foster a community-based learning and innovation network to guide future work supporting the Pennsylvania agricultural community “supreme brand bedding set”

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