social worker emotions wheel chart poster


The hottest social worker emotions wheel chart poster

food security is going to be a bumpy ride. If we do look to Havana’s urban farms and gardens as one vision for the future, the real question becomes, what’s the best road to take to get there. The one question we can’t afford to debate is whether or not to get started down this road. , With over a billion hungry people in the world and more people on the way, the globe’s special period has The hottest social worker emotions wheel chart poster  already begun, and the time to start that journey is now. I came away from the trip feeling inspired, but my enthusiasm was also tempered by the knowledge that I’d seen but a part of a larger and more complex story. Despite its advances in urban agriculture, Cuba still remains heavily dependent on imports of rice, wheat, and dairy products, and the antiquated Soviet Era food rationing regime, put in place in the early 60’s, continues today. In fact, when you visit Havana and you see its crumbling colonial buildings and vintage cars, you can’t help feel a bit like a time traveler. But when it comes to sustainable urban agriculture, however, a trip to Havana may well be a trip to the future. Cuban’s daily caloric intake dropped by nearly one third, leading to an average weight loss of 20 pounds per person. Although history has played its share of cruel jokes on Cuba, there are some who think that a city like Havana might end up having the last laugh. The experience of living through the special period has forced Havanans to become more resilient, self-reliant, and innovative in their food production. Organic farms and community gardens, known as organoponicos, can now be found throughout the city. Nearly all the seasonal fruit and vegetables consumed by Havana’s two million residents are being sourced from gardens and farms located within 30 miles of Havana. Most people associate Cuba with another type of revolution, the Communist Revolution led by Fidel Castro in the late 50’s. And when they do think of a Cuban agricultural product they can put in their mouths, they’re much more likely to think of a cigar than a carrot. But Cuba offers a unique case study for local foods advocates in that it is not only an island nation in terms of its geography but also its economy and

social worker emotions wheel chart poster
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