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good place to end there on that. You do hit a place. And I’m in the Chalmers camp. I’m just like, I know. This is the thing that I know first. I take the Descartes line of view. I’m like, this is more certain than the external world. And The hottest saint patricks day failte vintage doormat we’re actually coming back to consciousness after assuming the external world to make the kinds of arguments that you make. And so the external world is actually a kind of inference. Whereas the reality of consciousness is more like prima facie true. It’s quite interesting and difficult philosophical ground. And I am also aware of how it almost feels like ramming your head against a wall when people are talking about this with different perspectives. Yeah, sure. It’s not an exact analogy, but my point is just that what might drive research and intellectual inquiry forward in terms of questions we’re trying to answer might change not because we answer the questions but because our idea of what is an important question might change. What are the sets of questions that would give us true insight to answer? If you told Kepler, well, the reasons why there’s five other planets is because we’re one solar system. There’s many, many different solar systems that have different numbers of planets. In fact, there aren’t just five planets. There’s other planets you haven’t seen. It’s just an accident of where we happen to be in the world. It’s not something that is fundamental in and of itself. He would not have considered that a good answer to his question. But we now know that’s the right one. I agree with everything you just said. Just to point out. The idea that certain problems seem incredibly pressing and then don’t get solved but kind of evaporate away because our perspective change and we realized they weren’t that pressing after all happens all the time in science. Back in the days of Kepler and Copernicus, why are there five other planets other than the earth. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. That was a incredibly pressing question, and they came up with all sorts of elaborate schemes to do it. Just a hundred years ago, why is the fine structure constant one over 137? Arthur Eddington, you know, worked very, very hard at understanding this. And now we know these are just not interesting questions. It’s not exactly 137. There’s not five planets. We change our perspective on what questions are important and what are not. A minute. Okay. I think that’s why there’s this confusion between, say, you and Philip Goff and people who take idealism and panpsychism seriously. Then we’re just talking about definitions. And that’s a definition of true, but it’s a definition of true under which we will never in the future of all history ever be able to say anything is true. Because we can never know for sure that there’s not a hidden description underneath that doesn’t

saint patricks day failte vintage doormat
saint patricks day failte vintage doormat 1

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