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safer fairer and more sustainable world. Above all the revolution has elevated well-liked consciousness which has been mirrored in hundreds of initiatives and discussions. Decentralised protests have taken place throughout all cities and villages from the far south to the far north and east and have included all social and age groups. This various and inclusive revolution has contributed to breaking the rigid sectarian and regional political discourse disrupting traditional loyalties and breaking down limitations between social groups and regions. Some folks assume that this positive shift cannot be considered complete but there is indeed a consensus that it is a crucial and irreversible change which is able to stay despite any setbacks. We should be confident that vital progress has been made relating to in style awareness and the power of social movements to carry out direct political motion in the streets. First it overthrew the so-referred to as presidential settlement – an agreement amongst regional and inner forces and different actors – that led Michel Aoun to turn into president and produced a parliament primarily based on an unconstitutional electoral regulation. This led to the rise of a brand new political majority and the formation of a coalition government together with seven main political parties. This came at a high value including the conciliation of regional and local powers frequent disruption of the work of parliament and government and very intense pressures especially on the political and safety levels. The revolution additionally witnessed very lively participation by young individuals and youth groups. These shaped the backbone of the protests as for years younger individuals have been eager to participate in determination-making and political life. In Lebanon folks beneath the age of aren’t eligible to vote in parliamentary and municipal elections and yet they discovered a space in this revolution to take part and make

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