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In response, Indigenous groups have been organizing against Bolsonaro’s policies, holding protests in the nation’s capital, Brasilia, and speaking publicly about continued attacks on their territory and the murder of Indigenous leaders—actions that threaten not just their own land but the fate of the Amazon itself. In a recent forum held in Washington, D.C. on “Resisting the Right-wing Assault in Brazil,” Joenia Wapichana, a Congresswoman from the state of Roraima and the first and only Indigenous woman elected to Brazilian Congress, called for international solidarity and support of Indigenous peoples of the Amazon. The best way to do this, she noted, was through heavily monitoring U.S.—Brazil supply chains and trade networks and calling on companies to not use materials from deforested lands. Forest fires have recently been so bad that Brazil has authorized national security to help combat them. The Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro, approved a force made up of police officers with military training to help support the environmental agency Ibama in the northern state of Pará through the end of the year. Another move by the Bolsonaro government has been the creation of an Amazon Council and Environmental Police force that will be led by vice president Hamilton Mourao , to oversee “the activities of all the ministries involved in the protection, defense and development, and sustainable development of the Amazon.” With these changes, Bolsonaro is amplifying a military presence and emphasis on unhindered development to the region—similar to the goals of the brutal military dictatorship that held power in Brazil from  “personalized name wu-tang clan tumbler”

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