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Household wealth includes information on the floor material and bicycle and radio ownership. Read more about how the pulp and paper industry drives deforestation. Read more about how the beef cattle industry drives deforestation. WRI’s data has helped drive home the immense scale of deforestation. But despite the size of the problem, there are clear successes in the works and much more to accomplish. The data published in this year’s report will help inform our future efforts and provides valuable insight as the fight continues. These examples show that donors need to take a wider perspective on where deforestation is happening. Indeed, where funders have broadened their view before, they are getting results. The 2015 WRI report helped convince us to launch an initiative to eliminate deforestation driven by the tire and rubber industry, with the support of the Norwegian Climate and Forest Initiative, and the Arcus Foundation. This year, we joined the tire, auto, and natural rubber industries to launch the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber, which is charged with monitoring and ending deforestation for rubber. There’s a lot of work to do over the coming months to set up an effective system, but the rubber industry is off to a good start. And, to their credit, the industry is including a wide range of NGOs in its governance mechanism – suggesting that they want to avoid the pitfalls of the chocolate industry. What made you want to look up deforestation “personalized name guinness beer tumbler”

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