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A four-month monsoon season, from June through September, routinely inundates this riverine country. Meanwhile, a quarter of Bangladesh’s landmass, bound on the south by the northern Indian Ocean, hovers less than seven feet above sea level. And as floods grow increasingly frequent and severe, the 163 million who make their home in Bangladesh, the world’s most populous delta, know little escape from water. More than a decade ago, the Charleston City Paper predicted that the city could become “a half-drowned ghost town” by 2050. Under 12 feet of sea level rise, the paper reported, around 77% of the Charleston could be underwater. Since Houston isn’t a coastal city, it’s unlikely to be wiped out by sea-level rise alone. But an increase in storms and hurricanes — combined with its low elevation and sinking terrain — could cause parts of the city to be underwater frequently in the future. New Zealand’s coast has long, sandy beaches and bays, sheltered estuaries and harbours, exposed rocky headlands, dramatic cliffs, wild dunes and magnificent fiords. The country’s climate ranges from the balmy subtropical north to the rugged subantarctic south. Consequently, the coast is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including many species that are found nowhere else. The subantarctic islands contain some of the most diverse ecosystems in New Zealand, with much of the flora and fauna being endemic to the region. The Coastal States Organization or COS was established in 1970 to represent 35 U.S. sub-federal governments on issues of coastal policies “personalized name dallas cowboys american football team tumbler”

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