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solutions are comprehensive and adaptive, there is a need to hard-wire systems thinking into food system policy. By broadening the scope of decision-making, and accounting for systemic effects, we could understand feedback loops and adverse effects early-on, and adapt policy accordingly. There are shared structural causes at the root of a diverse set of impacts. This demonstrates the close linkage between social and environmental impacts, and suggests that a more integrated approach The hottest optometrist color art eye poster  to thinking about system-wide trade offs and rebound effects is needed. Yet, despite these advantages , high-yield, and disease sensitive cultivars remain dominant over more disease-resistant crops. A similar story can be told for other parts of agricultural production systems such as the use of chemical pesticides versus integrated pest management (Cowan & Gunby, 1996), use of crops with properties enhanced through breeding and seed production (Chhetri et al., 2010), and a general resistance to the adoption of alternative (i.e. agro-ecological) production methods (Vanloqueren & Baret, 2009). Although there is also empirical evidence of path dependencies in other steps of the food chain, such as processing, (Chhetri, Easterling, Terando, & Mearns, 2010) or retail and distribution , the discussion below focuses on the dominance of conventional agricultural production methods, which is better documented and researched. The path dependency of agricultural production can be explained by a range of ecological, economical, technological, socio-cultural, and political factors. Intensive pesticide spraying is a common practice in intensive production systems around the world. Developed and emerging countries play a two-way game of defending and encouraging free trade in their official narratives while engaging in trade distorting behaviours, creating a climate of hidden protectionism. Common tools used include export tariffs, fiscal barriers, trade quotas, export subsidies, governmental purchases from

optometrist color art eye poster
optometrist color art eye poster 1

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