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transformers such as CTs and VTs. They additionally embody the models for secondary capabilities corresponding to protection, management, measurement, metering, monitoring, and synchrophasors. IEC doesn’t predefine or The hottest ocean octopus art kitchen decorative dishwasher magnet cover prescribe communications architectures. The interfaces proven in Figure three.30 are logical interfaces. IEC allows in principle any mapping of these interfaces on communications networks. A typical example might be to map interfaces 1, three, and 6 on what we name a station bus. This bus is a communications community targeted on the functions at bay and station degree. We additionally could map interfaces 4 and 5 on a process bus, a communications community centered on the method and bay stage of a substation. The course of bus might in such a case be restricted to 1 bay, while the station bus may connect capabilities located all through the substation. However, it might be possible as well to map interface four on a degree-to-point link connecting a course of-associated sensor to the bay safety. Modern IEDs, such as safety relays and meters, have an amazing quantity of data. Some of those gadgets have 1000’s of knowledge points available. In addition, many IEDs generate file type knowledge corresponding to DFR or PQ files. A typical grasp station just isn’t designed to process this amount of knowledge and this kind of information. However, plenty of this data could be extraordinarily priceless to the completely different users inside the utility, in addition to, in some cases, the utility’s customers. To benefit from these knowledge, an extraction mechanism impartial from the grasp station needs to be applied. There are issues with exchanging new sources of knowledge, corresponding to oscillography recordsdata, PQ data, and so forth. Some RTUs also have knowledge translation applications that manipulate data earlier than they are introduced to the master station or support stand-alone functionality at the RTU level (Figure three.25). Data processing software —presents information to the grasp station or HMI. Data assortment utility —acquires information from the units with information communications capabilities by way of communication port. For instance, IEDs. Physical I/O application—acquires knowledge from the RTU hardware parts that interface with physical I/O. Those sensors also need accurate time synchronization of the inputs and the samples being positioned on the process bus. IEDs

ocean octopus art kitchen decorative dishwasher magnet cover 2
ocean octopus art kitchen decorative dishwasher magnet cover 2

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