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As a outcome, they are generally stereotyped as poor and lazy with no potential as producers of anything for the regional, nationwide, or worldwide markets. Quite the opposite is true. A now-well-known example is the successful manufacturing and advertising of extremely marketable Brazil nuts by the Gavioes of Para State, Brazil—an exercise they began on their very own initiative in the mid-Nineteen Seventies Ferraz, 198; Ramos, 198. Almost in a single day, the Gavioes turned not solely quite nicely-to-do by local non-Indian requirements but additionally transformed themselves, in the eyes of their non-Indian neighbors, from lazy good-for-nothings to productive members of society. In 1975 I knew of 1 Yanomami neighborhood that after exhausting the supply of bananas in its personal fields, started a brand new, further plantation so that it could continue to promote bananas to the tin miners who labored in Yanomami territory for a time in 1975 and 1976. As long ago as 193, Curt Nimuendaju spoke of how the Ramkokamekra Canela Indians might have produced a marketable surplus of manioc flour however explained that they by no means did develop this potential because they had no approach to transport the flour to market. Another instance is the production and advertising of natural rubber in a latest neighborhood growth project undertaken by one subgroup of the Nambiquara. Done the best method, the Indian way, shifting cultivation rejuvenates the forest. It is using the method on too large a scale by the non-Indian that’s damaging. ductiveness of the tropical soils decline so quickly but because clearing the field of weeds is simply more bother than it’s worth. The Yanomami and the Kayapo Indians stay in the forest and are a part of the forest. If they destroy it, they destroy themselves. They therefore make their modest-measurement fields and plant crops enough just for their wants. It is the non-Indian agriculturalists who order the destruction of a forest they may never have seen to be able to install fairly inappropriate plantations or cattle ranches. This, of course, they have to do on as giant a scale as they’ll afford to make sure that their profit margin is to their liking. The enormous clearings that end result are far past the ability of even the most wholesome forest to regenerate. One instance of such intensive destruction is the infamous case of the Volkswagen ranch whose burning became public information solely when seen from space by the Skylab satellite . Between 1968 and 1976, I had the chance to fly in gentle aircraft and helicopter over most of Yanomami territory in the Ajarani, Catrimani, Mucajai, Parima, and Auaris river basins in the territory of Roraima, Brazil. The vitality, the exuberance, and the seeming endlessness of the dense carpet of forest cover made a lasting impression on me. Yet that is the place a

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