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having a decrease hole. However the stiffness of reinforced concrete beam was affected by the peak of the hollow core inherent the upper the hollow core the smaller the stiffness of the beams. Concrete is one of the most sturdy development materials and cement is likely one of the most power intensive structural supplies in concrete. This analysis is carried out to research of the suitability of faucet water river sand and laterite stone which is available abundantly encompass the Berau district of Indonesia with Portland composite cement and crushed laterite stone to supply concrete. Test outcome exhibited that fresh concrete had correct workability and all hardened specimens appeared a great compaction outcome. This paper purposed to utilized tap water river sand laterite stone and Portland composite cement to supply the high performance concrete to get rid of the principle problems of stone shortage and nice combination in the low land areas and the Berau district of Indonesia. Infrastructure growth may be sustained through the efficient use of available native supplies encompass the Berau district of Indonesia. The evaluation result on the workability of recent concrete and strength improvement of hardened concrete had been discussed. The function of this study is to find out the initial characteristics of froth concrete mixtures. This efficiency using Ordinary Portland Cement and Portland Composite Cement were examined for its density and compressive strength on day 3 and seven. In addition the manufacturing process was initiated by formulating a mix of foam solvent concurrently creating the mortar with the use of OPC or PPC followed by the individual integration of a foaming solvent. Furthermore after density evaluation a specimen is produced with the cylinder forged in a diameter of about a hundred and fifty mm and size of 3 mm containing individual water and ambiance curing. The density obtained was greater than the outcome of air curing checks which decreased continuously with the concrete age. Furthermore the compressive power measured was relatively decrease in water curing testing utilizing PCC and on day 7it w was as much as three.forty six MPa or seventy three.5 which appears to be lower than the record obtained with the use of OPC which was about 3.ninety four MPa. At related age the worth obtained for air curing with PCC reached four.fifty two MPa or ninety six. exhibiting a lesser

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