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which had to sound like a homicide in progress. Because one was the EX it was thought-about a domestic dispute they say and would not enable me grievance. Instead told me to go away proper then ”depart now and never come again”. I stay in texas with my husband we hire an house and his dad’s wife came last night time making issues she’s uninvited person do i’ve right to name police to get her out she’s bothering usThank you for contacting WEAVE with your question. As you may have seen on our website WEAVE is positioned in California, so I am unaware of the laws and policies in Texas. However I would contact the native authorities to know your options since she is an uninvited guest and not on the lease. If you have some other questions or need help please contact our 24 hour support and data line at .I have a brief restraining order in opposition to my ex husband and he has NO CONTACT with me nor our two children. The decide allowed him to live next door on the neighbor’s house and yesterday they positioned a wooden board painted with Merry Christmas with the names of my children. Is that violating the restraining order?Thank you for contacting WEAVE together with your question. I am sorry you have been put in this situation where you must stay and see your ex husband, since he lives next door. Every restraining order is totally different and has rules associated with the order. I am unclear if what he did was a violation, so I would love for you to contact our legal department to get a clear answer on if the incident is considered harassment. Our legal departments quantity is .I became romantically concerned with somebody who I thought was so amazing, sweet, and perfect for me. After about four months of dating, I discovered he was bipolar as he began appearing very unusual and having random outbursts of anger over very insignificant issues. He also skilled despair and manic episodes but the sudden anger scared me essentially the most. I was prepared to look past this until last night time. Last night time, he came to my household’s Christmas celebration and everything appeared fine. Once we left, he grew to become very indignant out of nowhere expressing that he was mad as a result of I left him alone for 20 minutes to speak to some of my members of the family. Things escalated shortly as he started to name me names like “silly” “fat” “ugly” and a few horrible swear words I don’t even want to placed on here. While I was driving, I told him I was going to drop him off and that I didn’t wish to see him anymore. He began threatening me saying if I go home, he’ll come too, and if I try to call 911 he will break my jaw. It was terrifying as I was driving and was scared he could do one thing to hurt us, as he threatened to turn the steering whereas and “kill us both.” Once I obtained to his apartment to drop him off he wouldn’t leave my automotive. I was too scared to call 911 as he stored saying by the point they get there, my face shall be damaged. I screamed for assist and

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