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Students will also be encouraged to make real-world connections and develop critical thinking skills through the exploration of New Hanover County watershed. WE ACT in partnership with the Healthy Schools Network, plans to work with four schools in Harlem and Washington Heights to address the issues of indoor air quality and empower parents to protect their children from environmental health threats in schools. In schools, common indoor air issues included inadequate fresh air, carbon monoxide, irritant dusts, poisonous molds, volatile organic compounds formaldehyde and pesticides. WE ACT and Healthy Schools Network will use “Tools for Schools” kits provided by EPA Region 2 to work with parent/youth teams to prioritize what environmental solutions need to be implemented. UPROSE will educate parents, senior citizens, and other adults about the environmental justice issues that are currently impacting their community. The Sunset Park community in Brooklyn houses numerous industrial users, former industrial sites, solid waste transfer stations, auto salvaging operations as well as other industries. UPROSE will conduct targeted outreach to community groups and community-based organizations in the area including churches, hospitals, schools and senior citizen centers. The purpose of which is to enhance community understanding of environmental and public health information systems and generate information on pollution in the community. Make the Road by Walking will undertake a Community Environmental Health Project that will target environmentally hazardous conditions known to exacerbate or cause asthma and childhood lead poisoning “louis vuitton paris monogram bedding set”

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