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A preferred superlative suffix for many hackish phrases. See, for example, `obscure in the excessive’ underneath obscure, and evaluate extremely. In ironic reference to the speculative utilization, nevertheless, some hackers and laptop scientists shaped ICE in 1994. ICE is a consortium to advertise uniform worldwide entry to robust cryptography. To compress knowledge utilizing a Huffman code. Various programs that use such strategies have been called `HUFF’ or some variant thereof. Oppose puff. Compare crunch, compress. [prob. from advert-agency tradetalk, `house freak’] A hacker occupying a technical-specialist, R&D, or techniques position at a business store. A really effective house wizard can have influence out of all proportion to his/her ostensible rank and nonetheless not should wear a suit. Used esp. of Unix wizards. The term `home guru’ is equivalent. Once upon a time, a Cray that had been experiencing periodic difficulties crashed, and it was introduced to have been hosed. It was found that the crash was as a result of disconnection of some coolant hoses. The problem was corrected, and customers were then assured that everything was OK as a result of the system had been rehosed. See additionally dehose. 1. vt. To make non-practical or greatly degraded in efficiency. “That big ray-tracing program really hoses the system.” See hosed. 2. n. A slender channel through which knowledge flows underneath strain. Generally denotes data paths that symbolize efficiency bottlenecks. 3. n. Cabling, particularly thick Ethernet cable. This is usually known as `bit hose’ or `hosery’ play on `hosiery’ or `etherhose’. See also washing machine. 1. One’s personal billboard on the World Wide Web. The time period `residence page’ is perhaps a bit misleading because home directories and bodily homes in RL are personal, however house pages are designed to be very public. 2. By extension, a WWW repository for information and links related to a project or organization. Compare residence box. Great holy wars of the past have included ITS vs. Unix, Unix vs. VMS, BSD Unix vs. System V, Cvs. Pascal, C vs. FORTRAN, and so on. In the yr 2000, in style favorites of the day are KDE vs, GNOME, vim vs. elvis, Linux vs. [Free|Net|Open]BSD. Hardy perennials embody EMACSvs. vi, my personal computer vs. everybody else’s personal computer, advert nauseam. The attribute that distinguishes holy wars from normal technical disputes is that in a holy warfare many of the members spend their time making an attempt to cross off private worth selections and cultural attachments as goal technical evaluations.

let’s be honest if dogs could talk i’d have no need for people shirt 2(1)

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