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The decrease in rainfall would lead to anincrease in pest and disease infection, and less water means fewer resources for sowing and maintaining crops. This would severely damage agriculture yields, which, in return, would limit our food supplies. 5. Less rainfall and increased drought would threaten agriculture, water, and food supplies. Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide, and as they perish from the Amazon rainforest, they will release billions of tons of carbon that the rainforest has been storing for years. Its potential destruction would emit 5 to 6 times more greenhouse gases than normal, which would affect the air quality and temperatures, eventually speeding up the global warming process. Direct human causes of deforestation include logging, agriculture, cattle ranching, mining, oil extraction and dam-building. We should consider, infact, that with regards to the substitution of forest areas with cultivations and livestock farms, the impact is much higher because after the extraction of the most precious trees which are destined for timber commercialization, forests are set on fire causing a great impact on local animals and plants. The most disastrous year for the Amazon forest has been 1991 when over 50,000 fires where registered by aerial views or satellite images. This is very close to the 80-percent reduction rate that Brazil adopted in its climate change law – only the law gave the country until 2020 to reach that figure. It stores some 120 billion tons of carbon, and about half of all the annual rainfall, trillions of tons of water, is transpired by the forest back into the atmosphere “it movie illusion halloween doormat”

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