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“rational”, are symbolically evoked by Commission bureaucrats. How do “old” and “new” perceive themselves and how are they perceived and what practices are linked to this perception? How do the practices of the EU functionaries – not only in the political culture of the EU Commission, but additionally within the everyday life of fonctionnaires in Brussels – reveal distinctions between the old and the new? What meanings does “Europeanness” obtain within the area of the EC forms? I will illustrate the relations between civil servants from old EU member states and Polish nationals throughout the Commission. I will discover the inner structure of Polish teams, their dynamics and relations with different groups of “old” fonctionnaires to be able to sketch energy relations between old and new EC civil servants. The paper is based on nine months of fieldwork carried out in Brussels between October 2007 and May 2008. Stress Resulting from Cultural Dissonance as an Underlying Cause of OutMigration from Senegal to Europe Roos Willems, Catholic University, Leuven The extensively media coated waves of out-migration from West Africa, particularly Senegal, to the Canary Islands in 2006, which happened in small pirogues carrying sometimes up to 100 women and men, have given rise to the picture of destitute and desperate clandestine migrants. Recent analysis among repatriated Senegalese clandestine migrants by the creator has proven however that the fact is more complicated and that there exist underneath- researched socio-cultural causes underlying the unstoppable stream of African out-migration to Europe. The cultural dissonance experienced by many Senegalese individuals results from the incongruity between the calls for imposed upon them by the traditional social techniques of help , and the growing scarcity of economic opportunities to fulfil one’s obligations to at least one’s relatives. The socio-cultural and financial effects of a system of gerontocracy and a widespread kleptocracy add additional to the stress skilled by the typical individual, and will in some instances lead to the onset of melancholy. In a society fraught with financial issues and growing ranges of poverty, there is little consideration for or interest in stress and melancholy, not to mention enough materials and human sources for clinical facilities to treat these kind of afflictions. This paper documents the resilience of the men and women undergoing the effects of cultural dissonance in trying pro-actively for options to their scenario somewhat than passively present process it. Identity Formation amongst Afro-Brazilian Capoeira Teachers in a Transnational Context Theodora Lefkaditou, University of Barcelona To totally understand the questions of identification formation in Brazil we’ve to reflect on the

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