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strengthen their networks. Meanwhile Italian citizens took to the streets largely in reaction against the robust help that the WCF obtained from an important sector of the Italian government at the time. Indeed three then-ministers took part within the Congress – Matteo Salvini then-Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Lorenzo Fontana Minister of the Family and Marco Bussetti Minister of Education – and both the governor of the Veneto area and the mayor of Verona gave official sponsorship to the gathering. A majority of Italians considered the institutional promotion of a gathering detrimental to civil rights as a political action in opposition to our Constitution. As all these events present during these days Verona turned a political laboratory during which two opposed views of society have been on show. The small city became the battlefield of a global struggle. On the one hand there was the reactionary and intolerant activism of the WCF and on the opposite the open and inclusive activism of national and international progressive actions and people who autonomously determined to take part within the protests. Additionally another forum happened on the Academy of Agriculture Letters and Sciences a historic constructing in the metropolis centre on 3 March. This encounter was organised by the International Planned Parenthood Federation – European Network and the Union of Atheists and Rationalist Agnostics in collaboration with Rebel Network and different nationwide and worldwide organisations. This event gathered more than 3 audio system representing the transnational battle of civil society for girls’s and LGBTQI+ rights. The WCF’s pro-family agenda interprets into support for the traditional household mannequin and reflects a highly conservative view of gender roles. Accordingly the WCF opposes abortion surrogate motherhood similar-intercourse marriage and any progress towards equality in sexual and reproductive rights. Their gathering is organised by the International Organization for the Family which is active at many other ranges. At the worldwide stage beyond organising international conferences it tries to influence worldwide institutions such as the UN to be able to promote a conservative and restrictive interpretation of human rights in particular of Article 6 of the Universal Declaration. In home politics its member organisations link with or function as curiosity teams infiltrating events and educational institutions lobbying officers and utilizing democratic means similar

i’m on team Jesus i’m not religious all over printed window curtains 3(1)

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