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program that has been `damaged’; that is, a copy with the copy-safety scheme disabled. Syn. copywronged. 2. Copy-protected software program which is unusable because of some bit-rot or bug that has confused the anti-piracy check. See also copy protection. [Apple; orig. fr. the intro to Tom Lehrer’s song “It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be A Soldier”] 1. [used paradoxically to indicate the speaker’s lack of the amount in question] A legendary schedule slot for carrying out tasks held to be unlikely or inconceivable. Sometimes used to point that the speaker is excited about accomplishing the task, however believes that the chance will not come up. “I’ll implement the automatic structure stuff in my copious free time.” 2. Time reserved for bogus or in any other case idiotic tasks, corresponding to implementation of chrome, or the stroking of fits. “I’ll get again to him on that function in my copious free time.” An space of memory put aside for storing cookies. Most generally heard within the Atari ST community; many useful ST applications record their presence by storing a particular magic number within the jar. Programs can inquire after the presence or otherwise of other packages by looking the contents of the jar. A assortment of fortune cookies in a format that facilitates retrieval by a fortune program. There are several different cookie files in public distribution, and web site admins typically assemble their very own from various sources including this lexicon. A deal with, transaction ID, or other token of agreement between cooperating programs. “I give him a packet, he gives me back a cookie.” The claim examine you get from a dry-cleansing shop is a perfect mundane instance of a cookie; the one factor it’s useful for is to narrate a later transaction to this one . Syn. magic cookie; see additionally fortune cookie. Now mainstream within the particular sense of web-browser cookies. “Stop speaking.” From the character used on some working techniques to abort output however enable this system to maintain on running. Generally means that you are not interested in listening to something extra from that individual, at least on that subject; a standard response to somebody who’s flaming. Considered foolish. Compare control-S. In these latter days of open-systems computing this time period has fallen somewhat into disuse, to get replaced by the remark that “Standards are nice! There are so a lot of them to choose from!”

i’m a cancer queen i have 3 sides the quiet sweet crazy birthday shirt 2(1) – Copy

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